Volunteering at Fruitland

There are many opportunities to volunteer at Fruitland.  If you would like to volunteer in the classroom, let your child's teacher know.  There are lots of projects that can be completed at home, so don't let your job interfere with being involved in your child's classroom.
The library always needs volunteers.  Some ongoing activities are:
        Covering paperback books with contact paper (Can be completed at home),
        Shelving (think 3:00 - 3:15 while waiting to pick your child up afterschool)
        Coding books for reading levels for the children (minimal computer skills needed) . 
Let Mrs. Vinson or Mrs. Wallace know if you would like to volunteer.  You can work any day that fits your schedule.


Saving Boxtops and Labels at Home:
Box Tops for Education:
Fruitland will  earn .10 cents for each box top. The web site is http://www.boxtops4education.com/Default.aspx for all the information regarding the product that participates in the program. So far we have earned over $400.00 for both Fruitland and Bethel. The funds go into the PTC account.
Campbells Soup Labels:
Campbell's Label we earn point to spend in their catalog. The web site for Campbell's is http://www.labelforeducation.com/.  We only need the UPC labels for Campbell's.
Norpac Labels:
Norpac products FLAV-R-PAC, SANTIAM, and WESTPAC we earn .5 cents for each UPC Label. The UPC Labels are on vegetables, fruits, and juices from FLAV-R-PAC and WESTPAC frozen products, and SANTIAM canned products. The web site for Norpac is www.norpac.com.